PCD Standard InsertsPCD Standard InsertsPCD Standard Inserts
PCD Standard InsertsPCD Standard InsertsPCD Standard Inserts

PCD Standard Inserts

Application field: 

3c field, aerospace, automotive industry, etc. 

Machining Materials: 

Non-ferrous metal materials, non-metal materials, composite materials, etc. 


High removal rates, Improved finished,  Improved productivity,  Reduced tooling cost.


Honda Civic Service Manual - Connecting Rod and Crankshaft

After torquing, tighten all cylinder head bolts in two steps (90 ° per step) using the sequence shown in step 8. If you are using a new cylinder head bolt, tighten the bolt an extra 90 °. NOTE: Remove the cylinder head bolt if you tightened it beyond the specified angle, and go back to step 6 of the procedure.

Gyratory Crusher Liner - Bogvik Daily

8955-0 3 guiding rod assembly, 1.000-8unc x 32.00 17-105-881-504 8955-0 1 GUIDING ROD ASSEMBLY MAINSHAFT STEP 17-202-513-801


Tappet clearance in guide Tappet clearance (valve lash) GEARCASE Cam shaft in crankcase bushing Cam shaft end play . 0006 to . . 004 to. . 0005 to . 0012 loose 008 001 /sq. in. at 25 M.P.H. . 0002 to . . 004 . 0005 to . . 001 to . 0005 0015 004 (Select spacer washers as required) FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY Runout mainshafts FLYWHEEL MAINSHAFT (PINION SIDE)

HeliFreak - Strike7.1 build thread

Dec 26, 2021 · Step 4 inserts the mainshaft into the centre frame, put the belt in place first, slip the gear assembly into place before inserting the main shaft. The orientation of the mainshaft can be a little difficult to see in the diagram, but note that the chamfered end goes down into the bottom bearing as you can see in one of the pictures..

PDF T5 Rebuild: The saga - Ludicrous-Speed

With everything removed from the front and rear, the mainshaft assembly should come right out. Wiggle the front a little to unseat the bearing race at the rear of main case, and remove the race. Lift the front of the shaft slightly and towards passenger side, and pull assembly out, guiding output shaft through bearing race hole. Set

Instruction Sheets

JIMS® Technical Department Note: All Instruction sheets are conveniently saved as Adobe Reader files for fast, clear and printable text with pictures. To view these documents you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download Adobe Reader Free Visit Adobe.com. If you already have acrobat installed then proceed to download these files. For […]

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Step by step instruction and pics

Disconnect the shift rods from the transmission. While holding the rear of the engine with a jack, remove the adapter mounting bolts. Remove the upper transmission bolts and insert two guide pins to keep the assembly aligned. See the two wheel drive procedure for details on making these. Remove the flywheel pan and the lower transmission bolts.

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Instruction Manual

16731 Spring (Bellcrank Assembly) 16732 Pivot Pin 16733 Shot Bar Return Rod 16735 Shot Body Collar 16737 Collar Guide/Clamp 16738 Shot Bar 16739 Shot Bar Insert 16740 3/8-16 Half Dog Set Screw 16741 Depriming Pin 16742 SL Sizer Collet Sleeve 16743 Collet Sizer Die, 12 Ga. 16744 SL Powder Die 16746 Expander Powder Funnel 10640 Starter Crimp Die

Explanations: Textbook Solutions

Find expert-verified solutions to your hardest problems. Our library has millions of answers for thousands of the most used textbooks. Find a solution. Solutions you can trust. Written by our team of experts. Thousands of textbooks. Millions of …

Linear Motion Guide, Linear Axis Robotic

FUYU Technology is a Linear Motion System Intelligent Products Manufacturer. Our main products include Ball Screw Linear Module, Belt Driven Linear Guide, Electric Actuator, Multi-axis Positioning Stage and Motion Controller for Cartesian Robot. We are certificated by CE, FCC, RoHS, IP65, TUV and ISO9001. 2011.


A17 MAINSHAFT NOTE: this shaft used with 1st gear thrust washer. Mainshaft 27 spline 21.13" long (1963) 3831753 WT297-2 NOTE: these shafts used with 1st gear bushing or roller bearing Mainshaft 27 spline 27.50" long (Pontiac) (1964-65) 388838 N/A Mainshaft 27 spline 21.13" long (1964-70) 3915087 297-2A

GR-7 Turbojet Engine Project 5/28/06

The next step was to create the engaging selector fork which will push the mainshaft in and out to engage and disengage the hex-drive. The selector fork will ride against two thrust bearings on the mainshaft allowing it to move the shaft with minimal friction. I prepared a piece of 6061 aluminum bar stock for the needed part.

PRO-SHIFT 18-Speed Parts Catalog

October 2007 PRO-SHIFT 18-Speed Parts Catalog 3 General Information GEAR RATIOS Gear Ratio %Step 1st 14.89 20% 2nd 12.41 19% 3rd 10.40 20% 4th 8.66 18%

rwww.teraflex.com Conversion Kit

Remove the cap as an assembly including the clutch shaft, bearing, clutch gear, fork, and shift rod. Use care not to lose the interlock which floats between the shift rods. 8. Remove the screws, lock washers holding the brake backing plate assembly (if so equipped) and rear output cap with speedometer gear assembly. Remove entire unit as an ...

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1970 (911/01) transmission refurb issues

As of model year 1970, pinions were etched with an "N" value, added to a blueprint valve of 63.20mm to arrive at the recommended pinion depth. In this case, "N31" would translate to a pinion depth of 63.51mm, subtracted from Porsche's "approximation value" of 64.70mm to calculate the initial shimpack behind the pinion roller bearing...

EY15-3,EY20-3 Service ES 1609

4-4 CONNECTING ROD AND PISTON The connecting rod is forged of aluminum alloy, and its large and small ends fanction as bearings. The large end has a built-in oil scraper for splash-ing the lubricating oil. The piston is an aluminum alloy casting, and car-ries two compression rings and one oil ring. 4-5 CAMSHAFT

JYS Casting Bronze Parts For Metso


C160 MX Jaw Plate - Bogvik Daily

Sep 17, 2021 · 17-202-513-801 guiding rod assembly mainshaft step sg4265 7.710 17-202-537-001 OIL FILTER CANISTER AND SINGLE FILTER, 2 HC400 41.730 17-202-537-002 OIL FILTER CANISTER AND DUAL FILTER ASM HC400 49.895

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packaged and numbered to coordinate with the assembly step numbers of this instruction manual. All small hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.) for each step are separated and


1. Oil guide plate 2. Mainshaft assembly 3. Gearbox case 4. Reverse Idler shaft bolt 5. Reverse Idler gear 6. Breather pipe and bracket 7. Differential housing 8. Access plug - countershaft bearing circlip 9. Countershaft assembly 10. Shift arm assembly and interlock 11. Selective shims - differential pre load 12.

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BSA Goldstar 5 Speed Fitting Guide

This guide gives a step-by-step guide to fitting the Nova ... Do not remove all the material around the selector rod (area 1) or there would be no support for the fork spindle. 1 . 11 11 6. Fitting the selector ratchet into the inner case ... Install spacer and kickstart gear assembly on mainshaft and lock with nut and tab washer. Install ...

Снабжающая Компания Дана » 2017 june

00-333-351-001 ANTIFRICTION CTNG ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND, 1 SG4265 0.560 ... 915831 MAIN SHAFT ASSEMBLY GP300S GP300S 2,970.000.

GR-7 Turbojet Engine Project 6/4/06

Posted on June 4, 2006. From the beginning of the GR-7 project I have been tossing around different ideas for a starter drive coupler. For a while I was planning to use a twelve-point socket attached to the mainshaft that would engage to the stock 1/2-20 compressor nut. Unfortunately this setup would have a relatively large rotating mass with ...


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